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Cheongsam Dress

Cheongsam Dress shows In Drama

Who can refuse to wear the plant system of “Human World Fugui Ten”? Has everyone watched the little sweet drama “Sito”? as the typical case of Cheongsam Dress. no one could deny it’s beauty. so let’s see more about it.

This drama that integrates fantasy, suspense, and love has continued to be popular since it first aired. Especially after the appearance of Si Teng roled by Jing Tian, many netizens said that they were surprised by Si Teng’s style. In the previous 12 episodes, 18 sets of styles were changed.

The various styles of the country are overwhelming. most of them are designed from Cheongsam Dress. Sometimes dignified and elegant, sometimes charming and moving, as if traveling to old Shanghai in the 1930s, Jing Tian vividly interprets the beauty of national style clothing.

Cheongsam Dress

The best show of Cheongsam Dress

Jing Tianguang has been searched several times by virtue of the ancient style in “Sito”. Even passers-by audiences who have not watched this show think that Fu Huadao is really suitable for Siteng’s role, body and temperament. They were all just right.

This is actually closely related to the “plant wear” set by the stylist for the character. As the incarnation of plants, Si Teng should retain the characteristics of plants in his clothes.Attentive viewers will find that there are often a lot of plant elements in Si Teng’s clothes. Flowers and vines all allude to Si Teng’s identity as the “spokesperson of the rattan family.”

The colors of the clothing also mostly revolve around the plant color system, dark blue, light blue, and blue and white. I feel this kind of dense plant atmosphere.

cheongsam dress

In order to conform to the modern aesthetics, Si Teng performed many improved cheongsams with modern design.

At the same time, it also demonstrated Qin Fang’s substantial financial resources, and the smell of “rich daughter vines” was immediately present behind him.

modern cheongsam dress

The cultural oasis Si Teng chose the more classical Chinese style Hanfu when making tea and calligraphy. The design of wide sleeves and the ink feeling of the clothes are more in line with the plot needs of the characters at this time.

The fine pattern stitching makes the eyes shine, and the antique breath rushes to the face. Siteng seems to be a young lady who does not use pink flowers in the courtyard, making tea, practicing calligraphy, and blending with the quiet lodging courtyard. Full.

cheongsam dress

With the development of the plot and the change of scenes in the play, Sito changed his outfits. Every outfit was applauded. The exquisite embroidery craftsmanship of the clothes embodies the elegant beauty of traditional Chinese clothing, and the appearance design caters to the modern aesthetics. It’s no wonder that you will frequently be on the hot search!

In order to match the costume, even her makeup is matched, with the thinly curved willow eyebrows and loose waist-length hair, it can be seen that the crew is really attentive to the dressing road!

black cheongsam dress

The improved national style Cheongsam Dress is so beautiful

In addition to setting the clothing path according to characters, scenes and story plots, the clothing itself also has three major layout designs, namely the past cheongsam style, Chinese ethnic style, and some modern retro styles combining Chinese and Western styles. After the improvement and innovation, the multiple beauty of Sato is displayed, which adds to the plot.

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