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Dating terms that you should be aware of

Unless you have been living under a cave all the time, you should know that so far some people in the dating world have used it to describe different situations and scenarios.
With the end of 2019, new terminology is emerging, which can be a headache if you don’t know what the other person is saying. Just when you thought dating was no longer complicated, it did!
If you find yourself looking for a new catch in the sea, here are some terms that can help you with a dating campaign.

Dating terms that you should be aware of

1.Bench press
This term is used to describe potential partners. In a bench game, people may focus more on one person or another, depending on who they like more at a particular time. As the relationship develops, people on the other side are likely to be cut off gradually.
Bypass is a situation where you break up with someone or stop dating for another reason or another attempt to get your attention on social media. They will like your pictures purposefully, check your status and comment on your pictures to remind you of their presence. Since you no longer connect directly with them, social media is the only option that will fascinate you.
3. Peacock
The word describes showing off to attract women’s attention. When the male peacock looks around and shows beautiful feathers, it is moving the female peacock. When you translate it into the human world, men usually attract women by showing off their money, looks, cars, etc.
4. Roam
Roaming means seeing someone romantically while hiding yourself and seeing others. In this case, you will find yourself the only one who takes them seriously and focuses only on them. Find out if each other is on the same page and want them to be honest about it so they don’t get bullied.
5. Throne
This term refers to dating someone with a higher social status to improve one’s status. In 2019, more and more people are going into interpersonal relationships to improve self, reputation, and finances. Many celebrity couples feel inside this guy. They will develop a strategy for who promotes stunts, because they can benefit a lot from it. Unfortunately, many people ignore good partners because they are less popular or wealthy.
6. Zombies
The zombie describes how you were appearated twice by the same person. In the zombie, the ghost becomes a more intense version of him or herself. They disappear for the second time and display the words “Hey Strangers” to return to your life. They are most likely not so serious about you, and he or she is probably not single.
7. hide
When something is hidden, it is hidden. In the same way, hiding someone is when someone is in an invisible relationship. They avoid introducing you to friends and family for some reason. If your partner avoids posting you on their social media and treats you as a secret, you will be hidden.
8. Cultivation
This describes the moment when someone wanders among the dying lovers, waiting. Often, people who have trouble in love publish sad and mysterious quotes about their status. This clearly shows that the relationship will soon end so that those who are obsessed with you can start throwing darts at you. If your relationship is dying and you start dating someone else before it officially ends, then I (my friend) is also guilty.

9. love bombing
This is the only purpose of describing expressing feelings, planning a romantic trip, and giving a bath as a gift to him or her, the purpose is manipulation. It’s great when someone shows you that they’re interested, but if you don’t understand some of their narcissistic traits, you may fall into abusive relationships. Those who do this will take care of the victim with great affection, but keep in mind selfish intentions. This is love explosion.


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