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DC Joker returns to the weekend box office champion!

Recently, there were several new movies on the market, but the strength was not strong. The weekend championship battle began in two old movies. DC’s Jacker movie Joker released its fourth weekend and earned nearly $19 million in revenue. Followed by “Maleficent: Evil Mis of Evil”, the comics returned to the weekend. The film’s cumulative box office has reached 277 million US dollars, the global box office has reached nearly 850 million US dollars, has already refreshed the global box office record of R-rated movies.
Disney’s livelihood fairy tale “Evil Devil: Mistress” earned more than $18.5 million in income over the weekend and retired over the weekend. The film fell 50% on the weekend of the opening ceremony, and the cumulative box office in the two weeks has exceeded $65 million.

DC Joker

The energy of the new movie supply is not in place, some old movies have closed down, and the market fever has dropped significantly. On the 19th weekend of the 23rd weekend, the top ten movies at the box office reported only $9.9 million, while the weekend market plunged 31%. The market is down 1% from the same period last year (market is $91 million).

This weekend is a Halloween weekend. The new film headed by “Terminator: Dark Destiny” will reorganize the market. After the market almost created a record in October, it is expected that the market will open its doors in November.

The new anime film “Adams Family” released in the US last weekend won another $11.7 million at the box office, defeating “Zombie Paradise: Double Click” and rose to third place at the weekend box office. The film was only less than 30% lower than last week, and the cumulative box office has exceeded $70 million.

The Sony horror comedy sequel “Zombie Zone: Double Attack” won another $11.6 million in the box office in the following week. The film shows two new movies, which are leading in large-scale paintings and in the weekend box office. Retired to the fourth place.

STX Entertainment’s horror film Countdown released more than $900 million in the first week of box office and squeezed into the top five at the weekend box office; the crime action film “Black and Blue” was in the top three of the week. The sky was released, but the income was only over $8.3 million. Weekend box office sixth.

DC Joker

The movie “Current War” released by Studio 101 was released in 1022 theaters on Friday, with a weekend box office income of $2.73 million and a ninth weekend. Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, director of “I and Earl” and “Dying Girl”, Benedict Cumberbatch and inventor of DC Tom ยท Tom Holland, starring Edison and Westinghouse founder George Westinghouse (Jr.). .


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