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If Your Partner is Thinking About Breaking Up

Honestly, you usually know when a relationship has deteriorated. However, it is more difficult to identify whether your partner is unhappy. Sometimes this relationship is slowly developing-or at least you think so-but your partner’s thinking has changed. They just aren’t happy anymore. Your writing type is 100%, but there are some problems. No one wants to be blinded by the breakup. But if the relationship looks good, how do you know that someone might appear your way?

Fortunately, if you open your eyes, there are usually some signs that things have changed. Relationship therapist Aimee Hartstein told Metropolitan Britain: “There must be signs that your partner is thinking about breaking up, and you can realize it.” Although you might expect some of them, but also There are some other surprising things. So this is what you need to pay attention to …

1. they are not available

It’s easy-you can feel that someone is ignoring you. There is usually a reason. “If you find that this person is much less available than before, something may be happening,” Aimee said. “Did the two of you have more connections before? If they were unavailable and seemed far away when they were by your side, would they respond to your calls and text messages in a timely manner? Then something changed and they didn’t want to Let you know … however.

2. They are looking for others

“Another sign is that they are more willing to hang out with friends than usual,” Amy said. “They might talk to people and try to determine if a breakup is right for them.” Make sure you are not paranoid about this, because for people, socializing is always important to be with their friends. But you can fully see that if they are thinking about breaking up, they are looking for advice. So please don’t leave a shadow on your phone, this is another sign, because if they are talking about this with others, then they will not want you to see what they think.

3. They are moody

A bad mood with you may indicate that someone feels inside. “And they suddenly become moody, upset or irritable?” Amy asked. “Obviously, this can mean a lot of things, but when someone is thinking about breaking up, they often get upset and / or flinch.” If you feel you can’t do anything right, you may need to ask them how Going on.

4. They accuse you are no longer interested

How much is the projection? Breaking up with someone is not fun, so it is not uncommon for someone to try to put it all on you. They either perform poorly and hope they break up with you, or they just start to blame you for not caring enough. It’s really painful, it only makes the situation worse, but it keeps happening. Because, you know, sir.

5. They have stopped making future plans

One way you can tell if they don’t think they will last a long time is if they stop discussing the future. And we’re not even talking about marriage, babies, career prospects-they will stop talking about trips you want to attend or concerts you plan to attend. Being very vague about what is about to happen, which usually means that the future is like a blank for them, which is not a good sign for your relationship.

Look now, just because they are thinking about breaking up doesn’t mean it will happen. “If you have reason to believe that your partner is leaving and may be thinking about breaking up, the best way is to sit and talk to them,” Aimee said. “They may have a lot in their minds, and it would be helpful for both of you if you can discuss them together.” So if you recognize these signs, make sure to say something-it can save your relationship.


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